Biokinematic Hitting Consulting

Developing high-level hitters by customizing each individual's training plan to their unique physiological and mechanical intricacies

Led by Justin Stone, Elite Baseball Training’s Technology Consulting program allows your organization to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving field of technology-driven player development. Implementing and understanding new technology can be difficult and time consuming. Our team will handle technology installation and staff training-programs to allow you to quickly and effectively utilize new technology and understand the corresponding data.

Justin Stone has a Master’s Degree in Kinetics combined with a Division 1 playing background and has 20 years experience in 3D swing technology. Over the past two years Elite Baseball Training has been analyzing movements using a Bertec Force Plate, K Vest, Bat Sensors, and Hit Trax, effectively telling the entire story of energy creation, transfer, and output. Coupling this with our Hitting Specific Movement Screening program allows us to provide your organization with a complete physiological profile of the individual's movement capabilities and a clear development plan for any inefficiencies that exist in the swing pattern.

Clients of the Elite Baseball Training Technology Consulting program are also able to receive staff recommendations.



In baseball we are often quick to compare players. These are typically based on superficial features like height and weight, but similar players can have completely different mobility levels. We have to know the movement capabilities of each player before prescribing movement adjustments. The mobility level of a player will dictate his optimal swing style. We will determine if athletes are currently employing a style correct for their body through a 20-step hitting- specific mobility screen.
This 10-minute process will vary from programs currently done by most strength and conditioning staffs. We combine pieces of FMS, TPI, SFMA along with unique screens we developed that are relative to hitters. Hitters are then placed into one of five movement capability catergories. Now we can make sure coaches match swing patterns that fit the individual best.

Movement Assessments need to be done by the people working with the hitter. Before coaches instruct a player how to move in the cage, they first need to understand what the movement capabilities of the player are. We will work directly with your staff to teach the screening process and understanding each grade on the mobility scale.

It’s important that there is inter-department connection between player development and strength and conditioning. We speak the language of both departments and can coordinate efficient intervention plans.

Understanding how strength and mobility impact mechanics is crucial to long term development. We will silo athletes to quickly address their first issues, whether mechanical or physical, and then provide continued guidance after the first concern is remedied.

Strength and conditioning needs to understand how the player’s movement capabilities affect swing patterns. Being a “tight” mover or a “loose” mover is part of what makes each player uniquely explosive. Before trying to make a “tight” player “loose,” coaches need to understand the negative impact this can have on the hitter’s explosiveness.

At the same time, hitting coaches need to understand that lack of stability or incorrect movement capabilities with mis-matched mechanical modalities are first corrected by strength and conditioning. By adjusting hitting mechanics without addressing the underlying physiological deficiency, we are likely to make the player regress rather than improve.

Hitting technology is ever evolving and staying up to speed organization-wide is difficult. Elite Baseball Training can help implement force plate and 3D modeling through an in-person training program and continued remote services. We are available year-round to read the organization’s technology data for you.

Elite Baseball Training holds consulting contracts with many of the top technology companies. Contracted organizations will receive tech forecasting and be able to quickly implement new products as they hit the market.

Besides being biomechanists we are baseball people. We will put complex information into an easily implementable format for coaches to improve players quickly. Plans will focus on ways to get players to top speed quicker, in-turn, improving their time to impact and allowing them to gather more information about each pitch and apply their ideal approach.
Improving time to impact allows for:
  • More information about each pitch
  • Later committal to the ball
  • Swing and miss rate goes down
  • Chase rate goes down
  • Hard hit rate goes up

All action plans tie back to the original movement assessment. Combining the objective data profile of a player, plus knowing the player movement capability, allows for prescribing movements that are as specific and unique as their DNA.

Want this data on draft prospects? Bring our team and our BioTech Cage out to pre-draft camps to test your high-round grade players. This will give you the most detailed analysis of a potential player’s swing and identify where they currently are in their swing ceiling.

Movement Screening with report
Swing Analysis with Player Action Report
Swing Efficiency Grade


Biokinematic Hitting Consultant Justin Stone will be the lead analyst on all major consulting projects. Justin's level of experience as a consultant for major league players, organizations, agencies, and technology companies allows him to effectively install new systems and develop organizational structures to maximize impact on player development on any scale.
Travis Kerber has been the Head Instructor of Elite Baseball since the organization started. Having been a catcher & pitcher through college and a pitcher in pro ball for six years, he brings a wealth of knowledge from multiple facets of the game. He utilizes game feel, mentality, and technical training in his efforts to best deliver a difficult process in an easy to understand form. Travis has been analyzing hitters for Elite while also pioneering our use of the Force Plate and KVest with pitchers in addition to Pitch Design Sessions using Rapsodo.
Rachel is a former professional player in the NPF and 4-time All-American at Marshall University. She runs Folden Fastpitch, a baseball and softball training facility in Northwest Indiana, where she infuses her training with biomechanics data using a host of technology platforms. Since 2018, Rachel has been working on both baseball and softball biomechanics projects with the Elite team.
Cory acts as our Information Systems Coordinator. The University of Illinois graduate served as the coordinator of USA Baseball's 18u National Team under direction of Scott Brosius before joining the Elite team. Cory has played a massive role in developing platforms that aid in effective data analysis and clear reporting on the client end.
Dan serves as our Hitting Specialist. Dan developed under the tutelage of Major League hitting coaches Callix Crabbe and Ken Bolek during his playing days before joining Justin Stone and the Elite team. Dan applies his on-field experiences as a former Minor leaguer and Division I player with data driven analysis and biomechanics of the swing.
Bill is Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist since 2017. He has a passion for learning, spreading and applying the most advanced methods of strength training for baseball players. Bill has worked with athletes from Little League through professional ranks.

Played baseball collegiately at Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, IL, graduating with a degree in Exercises Science. Played briefly in the Frontier Baseball League for the Joliet Slammers.

Ryan has been a practicing Physical Therapist and Recovery Specialist since 2004. He is certified in Active Release Technique (ART), is a Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM) and an XPT Certified Recovery Specialist and has been incorporating these techniques into his practice with great success.

Ryan served as the Team Physical Therapist for the Chicago White Sox from 2014-2016 and a Consult Physical Therapist for the Chicago Bears from 2005- 2013. He has vast experience in working with athletes of all ages and level of play, which contributes to his passion for treating the overhead baseball athlete.



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